Hot Tub Health Benefits

 Hot Tub Benefits, What are they? Here at  Cheeky Hot Tub Hire in Bradford  our hot tubs are not only just for a party they genuinely have health benefits, we had a look into what hot tubs do for your health and how relaxing in our bubbles can actually help certain ailments. Now this is one of the most obvious benefits, Stress Relief, it has the potential to help ease the tensions of the day. Muscle relaxation. The hot water and the massaging action of the hot tub jets and bubbles can be an effective way to help relax and soothe tight or tense muscles. Brain Function. Studies have shown hot tubs can increase blood flow to the brain, that actually increases cognitive functions. Have a soak and get that sudoku puzzle complete!   Headaches. Hydrotherapy is hugely effective on the harshest of headaches, releasing a lot of the tension that's causing it. Fibromyalgia. Hot tubs increase blood flow to stiff joints and tight muscles and reduces inflammation causing the pressure Hair Growth.

Winter Hot Tubs! Health Benefits?

 Hot Tubs in the cold weather - Yes or No? When we first got a  Hot Tub in winter we were concerned about it being too cold, getting out mid hot tub to nip to the loo, the top half of us freezing the bottom all snuggly and warm in that 40 degree heat, but actually when it arrived and you close the doors on the gazebo to the wintery outside it is bliss the heat from the Hot Tub  keeps the gazebo nice and warm and there is something magical about it being cold outside while you stare out of the gazebo window at Jack Frost.. So I got to thinking and started doing research into the health benefits of Warm and Cold on the body. Heat Hydro therapy w ater treatments use the body’s own defences to promote healing. Water plays different roles with different kinds of hydrotherapy treatments, and each treatment has multiple effects affecting more than one body system at the same time. Water stimulates the muscles, joints, internal organs, nerves and skin. Some treatments produce their results th